Six Sigma

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Anything you do is a process and any process can be improved. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a set of process improvement tools. Lean tools reduce waste and speed-up a process; Six Sigma tools improve quality. Taken together, Lean Six Sigma is the premier business strategy today for continuous process improvement. The cumulative learning process, provided by seasoned instructors with a variety of military and business experiences, produces a graduate who can successfully apply the acquired knowledge and practical tools to any business, military, or healthcare situation.

Yellow Belt – Introductory

This foundational course introduces and integrates Lean and Six Sigma principles and tools that lead to effective process improvement. Students practice the tools through a Lean simulation, and they use the Six Sigma methodology to analyze and improve a problematic case study. Successful completion of the course earns students Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.

Prerequisite: none
Course Length: 16 hours
Textbook: Course materials provided

Green Belt – Intermediate

Learn essential skills needed to lead successful process improvement projects including process analysis, value stream mapping, root cause analysis, and process improvement strategies. This highly interactive training uses a team approach to evaluate an inefficient process and then design, implement, and evaluate quantifiable process improvements using the valuable Six Sigma method, DMAIC. Training includes advanced lean practices, theory of constraints, and statistical analysis using Excel and QI Macros. Upon successful completion of the two-week class and achieving a passing grade on the exam, a course completion certificate is issued.

Prerequisite: Yellow Belt or instructor approval.
Course Length: 64 hours
Textbook: A textbook is required and is available from Coastal’s book store. Call (910) 938-6295 for information.

International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC)

Green Belt Exam Prep Class

We understand that many students would like to earn Green Belt certification so we’ve expanded our training and are now offering a 16-week Green Belt Exam preparation course, totally online.  This 128-hour course of instruction is being developed from the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) Green Belt body of knowledge and should prepare you for their 100-question closed book exam.  Students who pass that exam earn an internationally-recognized Green Belt certification.

• Study to affordably Earn Green Belt Certification
• Complete Coastal’s 128-hour online Green Belt exam Prep Class
• Pass IASSC Green Belt exam

Registration fee- $180.00
Textbook fee- $113.00
**Software fee- $75.00
Student insurance- $1.00
Coastal Subtotal- $369.00
*IASSC exam- $295.00
Grand Total- $664.00
*$295.00 Green Belt exam fee is paid separately to IASSC

**To purchase the book and software, please e-mail the Bookstore managers at and

The top 10 Reasons to take this course are:

  1.  Totally online, you won’t have to rearrange your work schedule.
  2. Class will be delivered asynchronously so you can work each phase of the course at times and days you choose.
  3.  The course has been designed using the IASSC Green Belt body of knowledge.
  4. The course materials will be augmented by a workbook to help students fully understand presented topics.  Also, as part of this course you will receiving a licensed copy of SigmaXL.  This software is a Microsoft excel add in and will be yours for future statistical analysis and project work.
  5. The course is being taught by a master Black Belt who has extensive Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints project and teaching experience.
  6. Students who pass the IASSC Green Belt exam will not need to complete a project in order to receive certification.
  7. This course is far less expensive than most Green Belt courses. We are able to offer this price because it is an occupational extension course.
  8. The course is being delivered over 16 weeks to allow you time to become familiar with the material, practice, and study at a reasonable pace to prepare for the IASSC exam.
  9. You can take a web-proctored IASSC exam from your home once you are ready to take the test.
  10. Or for a higher fee, you can take the IASSC Green Belt exam at a Pearson Vue Test Center.  Coastal also offers that option on campus.

Six Sigma Instructor

RICK SPILLANE has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of North Carolina and three Masters degrees, the most recent in National Resource Management from the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy in Washington, DC.  He served as a Colonel in the US Air Force and following military retirement, received his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification from General Electric and worked as a Senior Process Improvement Manager where he facilitated projects, mentored Green Belts, and taught Green Belt courses.  He has been a Lean Six Sigma instructor at Coastal Carolina Community College since 2017.  He’s also taught graduate level courses in International Relations and Logistics and serves as an instructor for the Marine Command and Staff seminar program.

JIM WILSON is an International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) Certified Green Belt™.  He is also and American Society of Quality (ASQ) certified Black Belt and a USMC certified Master Black Belt.  He held the MBB position with the USMC CPI Program Office from 2008-2015 where he served as the CPI East team lead responsible for staff development and CPI program implementation in the Eastern region of the United States. Prior to joining the Marine Corps CPI Program Office Jim spent 10 years working CPI improvement projects, teaching CPI courses and providing CPI management consulting and business advisory services at Fleet Readiness Center East, MCAS Cherry Point, NC.  While at FRC East Jim was instrumental in the deployment and management of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) training and projects that led to the organization winning Shingo Gold.  Jim has a total of 40 years of experience with the U.S. Marine Corps as a naval aviator, aircraft maintenance officer and continuous process improvement expert.  In 1989, while with VMFA-251, Jim’s aircraft maintenance department was awarded the Commandant’s Aviation Efficiency Award, a citation given each year to only one USMC aircraft squadron.

Jim is also a registered ISO 9000 Lead Auditor and an AGI certified Jonah. He is also a USMC certified Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt instructor.  Jim has experience teaching and leading organizations in Strategic Planning, Executive Coaching, Operations Management, Statistical Process Control, Total Quality Management, Analytical Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, Aircraft Maintenance Management, Logistics Management and Human Resources Management.

Jim received his CPI training from General Electric, the George Group, and the Goldratt Institute.  Jim holds a Bachelors from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC and a Masters in Aerospace Management from Embry-Riddle University.