Coastal’s Military Off-Campus Sites staff aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River provide assistance to eligible Servicemembers in the completion of their Tuition Assistance (TA) application. For additional information about eligibility for TA, visit the Marine Corps Community Services Camp Lejeune Education Assistance website and MilitaryOneSource website.

Steps for How to Use TA:

  1. If you are active duty and utilizing TA, prior to enrollment, you will need to meet with an Education Assistance Branch representative or your Education Services Officer (ESO). Additional information about TA for all branches may be found by visiting the MilitaryOneSource website.
  2. Complete the admissions process with Coastal Carolina Community College.
  3. Meet with a Military Off Campus Sites staff member to register for classes and obtain your official degree plan.
  4. Once you have registered for your course(s) each semester, submit your TA application on your WebTA Portal.
  5. Once you have received notification that your TA has been approved, please submit your TA voucher to a Military Off-Campus Sites location or email to

a photo of a graduate being congratulatedWebTA Portal Application Tips

These are helpful tips to complete your WebTA Portal Application:

  1. Add approver’s information
  2. Course Code: Search for the course you are taking; example: ENG 111
  3. Credit Unit: Semester
  4. Location: If online, choose “Distance Learning.” If seated, choose “On-Base”
  5. Level: Lower
  6. Total Cost: Refer to your Statement of Fees
  7. Submit voucher
  8. You will receive email notifications or further instructions

Understanding the different types of financial aid is important. Some examples are below:

Tuition Assistance: An employer reimbursement program that typically pay tuition and may have grade achievement requirements.

a photo of a graduating student looking off screen

Grants: Money awarded based on need or merit that does not have to be paid back to the awarding entity. Grants can typically but not always cover additional costs related to education expenses (unless, for example, you withdraw from school and owe a refund, or you receive a grant and don’t complete your service obligation).

Scholarships: Money awarded based on need or merit that does not have to be paid back to the awarding entity. Scholarships typically cover specific costs such as tuition and books.

Federal Student Loan: Federal Student Loan’s require students to complete FAFSA to determine eligibility. There are four types of Federal Student Loan programs available, and Coastal encourages students to seek direction on federal student loan programs before private loan programs.

Private Student Loan: Private loans are available to students through lending agencies. Before a student takes out a loan for education, students should contact the Financial Aid Department at Coastal.

The College's designated point of contact for students with questions about financial aid who are utilizing their TA benefits is Christina Wallace, Director for Financial Aid Services, at 910.938.6332 or

Grants, Scholarships, and Estimated Costs

Coastal encourages all students to complete the FAFSA and also recommends students to seek direction on federal student loan programs before private loan programs. More information is available at Financial Aid and Scholarships.

The following tools can help you get started:

TA Refund Schedules

What do I do if I need to withdraw from classes?

If you need to withdraw from your course(s) at any point during the semester, please speak with an Academic Counselor for Military Off-Campus Sites.  If you are forced to withdraw due to official military obligations, you may be eligible to withdraw and receive a refund.  An Academic Counselor will be able to provide additional information regarding refunds and repayments.

Policy on the Return of Unearned TA Funds to the Federal Government