At Coastal Carolina Community College, we take account security very seriously.  To protect your account, we strongly recommend following the steps below:

If you use a public computer

  • Logout of all your current web sessions and close your web browser
  • When done using the computer, be sure to sign out

Use a strong password

Your MyCCCC password will require the following criteria in order to be secured.

  • At least 10 characters in length
  • Contain 1 lower case letter
  • Contain 1 upper case letter
  • Contain 1 number

Note: MyCCCC requires that you change your password every 90 days

Update your recovery information

  • Always keep your challenge questions up to date
  • You can change your challenge questions by clicking on the “My Profile” tile after logging into the MyCCCC portal.

If you’d like additional information, please contact the Help Desk at 910.938.6123 or