Financial Aid & Scholarships

The College provides a number of financial assistance programs, ensuring educational opportunities for individual students. Grants, scholarships, and employment opportunities are included in such programs.

Applications for state, institutional, and private programs vary.  Contact the Financial Aid Office (Student Center), the College Foundation Office (James L. Henderson, Jr. Administration Building), or the Human Services Office (Kenneth B. Hurst Continuing Education Building) for specific information.

The goal of the Financial Aid Office is to provide assistance to students in meeting the rising costs of obtaining an education.

To receive financial aid, a student must apply for a federal Pell Grant by having a Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the United States Department of Education (DOE) that demonstrates the student’s financial need. This financial need is the difference between the cost of education and the amount the student or the student’s family can contribute toward the student’s education and is determined by a standard formula from the DOE. Financial aid is awarded on an annual basis for two semesters: fall, spring, and/or summer semesters. After two (2) semesters of enrollment, students should meet with a Financial Aid Assistant regarding the possible availability of summer semester funds. A student must submit a new FAFSA application prior to each academic year. The FAFSA will provide specific information regarding dates (month, day, and year) for federal and state financial aid. The student must be fully admitted to a Pell eligible degree, diploma, or certificate program of study (curriculum), not owe a refund on a grant or be in default of a student loan, and must maintain satisfactory academic progress as required by the College. Financial aid is not available for audited courses, credit by examination courses, courses for which transfer credit has been granted, or courses not in the student’s designated curriculum, except required remedial courses not to exceed thirty (30) hours.

For more information, please visit the Financial Aid Office in the Student Center or call 910-938-6330.

Child Care

Child Care is a state funded program that provides financial assistance for childcare for students who are enrolled in a curriculum program at Coastal Carolina Community College. To apply, students must complete a Child Care Program application. Funding is limited and selection is based on “most in need.”

For an application and more information, please call the Human Services Department at 910-938-6309. An application must be completed in person. Please visit the Kenneth B. Hurst Continuing Education Building, room 109 to apply.


Scholarships are available from the College Foundation Office in the James L. Henderson, Jr. Administration Building to Coastal students who qualify under specific criteria. All applicants are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), commonly referred to as the Pell Grant, in order to be considered for this financial assistance. No person shall be excluded from the selection process on the basis of race, color, creed or religion, age, sex, national origin, or physical handicap.

For a complete listing of the Foundation scholarships available for Coastal students, please visit the College Foundation Office in the James L. Henderson, Jr. Administration Building or call 910-938-6792.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

WIA is a federally funded program for low income adults and dislocated workers enrolled or wishing to enroll in occupational training through Curriculum or Continuing Education. These funds may assist with registration fees, books, tools, required supplies, and childcare.

Applicant must be 18 years or older and a US citizen or eligible non-citizen. To apply, students must complete a WIA application, assessment tests, and provide eligibility verification.