Placement Testing


Welcome to Coastal Carolina Community College’s (CCCC) placement testing center! Our staff and faculty are excited that you have decided to begin your educational journey with us, and we are looking forward to assisting you in achieving your career training or academic goals. 

What You will Need to Know Before the Test 

You will need to be able to access your My CCCC Portal in order to both schedule and complete any placement testing. Your user name, temporary password, and instructions were mailed to the address listed on your admissions application.

Since the placement test may take several hours to complete all math and English components, there are no walk-in appointments. Please also be prepared to plan and stay for the entire duration of the test or schedule at least two separate appointments (one appointment for English and one appointment for math on different calendar dates). Each testing session is approximately 3 hours; however the test may take up to 4-5 hours to complete. Students who have not completed their test by the times listed below will be asked to return to a later session, and the placement tests are not timed:

Morning sessions – anyone still testing at 11:45 a.m.

Afternoon sessions – anyone still testing at 4:15 p.m.

Evening sessions – anyone still testing at 8:30 p.m.

To schedule an appointment, please select a testing location:

Camp Lejeune Main Campus MCAS New River

Again, you will need to be able to access your My CCCC Portal to begin the process.

What to Expect While Testing

The test is computerized; however, you will be provided scrap paper and a pencil to make notes or do calculations. Cell phones, or other electronic devices, like I-Pads or hand-held calculators, are not permitted during placement testing.

Noise: Because this test is not timed, students will be completing the test at different times There may be a moderate amount of noise and activity in the room, so ear plugs are provided for your convenience upon request.

Break: Let the proctor know if you need a break. You are allowed only one ten (10) minute break during testing, and absolutely no food or drinks are allowed in the testing center.

The Proctor is not permitted to help you with any test questions; although, if you need anything else during the test, please inform the Proctor. It is also recommended that you do not skip a question since you cannot go back and answer the question later. Any question(s) that you skip will be counted as a wrong answer.

Once You Finish

Once you complete your test, your results will determine which English and math courses you will take at CCCC. All of our courses are designed to help you succeed, so just prepare as best as you can and stay positive!

Test results will be available within two (2) business days after you complete the placement test, and we encourage you to meet with an Academic Counselor afterwards to register for classes. You may also only test twice within a 5 year period.

Please Ask Questions

Do not hesitate to alert the proctor immediately if you have a question about the directions or if anything other than test material appears on your screen. Even if the problem is with the computer itself, your previously completed work will be saved. 

Students requiring accommodations with a documented disability should contact the Coordinator for Disability Services, at (910) 938-6331.