Communicable Disease Policy

In keeping with the College’s mission and policy, Coastal Carolina Community College is dedicated to providing access to quality educational programs regardless of disability and within the limits of available resources.  The College recognizes the serious implications that the spread of communicable disease has on the health, safety, and welfare of the students, faculty, staff, and general public.  Therefore, the College is committed to ensuring that each employee and student be provided with a safe and healthy working/learning environment.

Persons who are seropositive for HIV/HBV/HCV or other infectious diseases will not be excluded from admission or employment, or restricted in their access to the institution’s services or facilities because of their health status.  They will be provided with all reasonable accommodations unless an individualized, medically-based evaluation determines that exclusion or restriction is necessary for the welfare of the individual or other members of the institution, patients, or its affiliates (patient care community).

Any student or employee who knows, or has reasonable basis for believing that he or she is infected with HIV/HBV/HCV, or other infectious disease which may pose a threat to others, and whose curriculum or job requires performance of patient care procedures which may be exposure prone, has an obligation to share that information with the College.

If a student, employee, or patient is accidentally exposed to blood or body fluids, the person will immediately report the incident to the appropriate supervisor as well as the Security Services Department.

All faculty, employees, and students in health-related fields are required to adhere to universal disease control guidelines consistent with the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  No student will be allowed to deliver patient care in any setting until he/she has been instructed in infection control (as per OSHA guidelines) and mastered material on safety/universal precautions with satisfactory accuracy.

A copy of the College’s Communicable Disease Policy is available from the Personnel Office.