Any student who is found guilty by any committee or other school authority of violating any provision, regulation, or policy of the College or who has been disciplined by removal of College privileges or suspended or expelled, shall have the right to appeal the finding and/or discipline imposed upon him/her to the President of the College after an informal investigation or hearing has taken place. Any such appeal shall be in writing, shall be based solely upon the record and shall be limited to one or more of the following grounds: that the finding is not supported by substantial evidence, that a fair hearing was not afforded the accused, or that the discipline imposed was excessive or inappropriate. The written appeal must be received by the President within ten (10) working days following the decision on appeal.
It shall be the responsibility of the President to make prompt disposition of all such appeals. Once the complete record on appeal has been received by the President’s Office, his decision shall be rendered within thirty (30) working days.