Fire truckSome of the most important partnerships we have are those with the law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical personnel of Onslow County, the City of Jacksonville, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, and Marine Corps Air Station New River.  We know it is vital that our emergency responders get the best training possible, and we aim to deliver.  We have subject matter experts as coordinators and liaisons to arrange training for the public safety triad.

Please refer to the current Continuing Education Schedule of Classes for details on upcoming courses.

To view the North Carolina Community College System Public Safety Training calendar, visit their website.

Law Enforcement

Paul Buchanan
Law Enforcement Training Liaison
Division of Continuing Education

Emergency Medical Science

Beth Himes
Director, Emergency Medical Science
Division of Continuing Education

Fire & Rescue

Jim Rardin
Instructor/Coordinator, Fire Protection Technology and Emergency Management