Clinic Overview for Patients

The Coastal Carolina Community College Dental Clinic is first and foremost a teaching facility. The primary goals of our clinic are twofold. First, we must provide the best possible education for our students. And second, we strive to provide the highest quality care possible for patients.

Our students and faculty provide dental hygiene care only. We do not diagnose or treat dental diseases. Any additional care you may require must be secured through a private dental office. We strongly urge you to maintain a regular schedule for checkups with your dentist.

Due to added paperwork and the process of checking our students’ treatment, your appointments will take longer than those in a private dental office. It may also be necessary for you to return for additional appointments in order to complete your treatment. Before scheduling an appointment, please make sure you have the time to commit to following through with all appointments. Students only receive credit for completed patients; therefore, if a patient fails to return for follow-up treatment, it can affect the student’s success in the program.

Students schedule patients based on their quota for the semester. If you do not have dental needs that match the requirements set for students in a particular semester, you may not be called for an appointment for several months. When you are accepted as a patient in our clinic, we cannot promise that you will be treated on a regular basis. It is wise to supplement visits to our dental clinic with visits to your regular dental professional.

If you have children, make sure you can find alternate care for them on the day(s) of your appointment. College policy prohibits children from being in the clinic, or in the reception area unattended.

For more information on the dental clinic, refer to the FAQs for Patients section, or call the Dental Department at 910.938.6270.