Service Learning Steps:

Step 1: Select an agency from the Approved Agency List.

Step 2: Make contact with the agency and get approval to volunteer.

Step 3: Complete the Placement Confirmation Form (must be signed by the agency, instructor and student).

Step 4: Read and sign the Service Learning Contract.

Step 5: Sign the Community Service Assumption of Risk Statement Form.

Step 6: Submit Placement Confirmation Form, Service Learning Contract, and Assumption of Risk Statement Form to the Student Activities and Career Placement Advisor by the Service Learning Enrollment End date (email forms to

Step 7: Download Contact Log (contact log will be dated and signed with each visit).

Step 8: Download the Service Learning Journal (a journal entry should be recorded after each learning session).

Step 9: Complete a minimum of 20 hours of Service Learning (the same 20 hours cannot be used for multiple classes).

Step 10: Schedule Service Learning Reflection with the Student Activities and Career Placement Advisor (

Step 11: Download and complete Service Learning Reflection Evaluation Questionnaire.

Step 12: Participate in Group Service Learning Reflection (bring journal and Service Learning Reflection Evaluation Questionnaire).