Accidents, criminal actions, emergencies, and suspicious persons should be reported to Coastal’s Security Services Department as soon as possible.  Information may be conveyed by:

  • accessing the Security Services Department via the emergency call boxes located in buildings and/or emergency phones located in all elevators on campus
  • phoning the 24-hour access number for Security Services at 910.938.6290 (or extension 6290 if using a campus phone);
  • reporting directly to any Security Officer on patrol and;
  • visiting the Security Services Office located inside the cafeteria of the Student Center or outside at the Security Guard House, located adjacent to the A. D. Guy Business Technology Building.

Reporting of campus incidents does not in any way commit an individual to taking legal action; however, such reports may help law enforcement agencies reduce further incidents within the campus community.  Coastal Carolina Community College recognizes the Security Services Department as the lead organization to which individuals should report non-criminal and criminal incidents.  If an individual is unable to establish contact with the Security Services Department (regardless of reason), he or she may contact one of the following for assistance.

Title Telephone Number
Chief of Security 910.938.6141
Director of Physical Plant and Auxiliary Services 910.938.6343
Division Chair for Student Services 910.938.6236
Personnel Officer 910.938.6145
Vice President for Administrative Support Services 910.938.6788

When you report an incident to the Security Services Department, a Security Officer will meet with you, listen to what happened, and take a detailed report.  If an investigation is warranted, or one desires to have law enforcement called, the Jacksonville Department of Public Safety will be called to continue the investigation.  If a suspect is found and you decide to press charges, the Jacksonville Department of Public Safety will file charges against the suspect.

If you are uncomfortable reporting an incident to the Security Services Department, we would like to encourage you to contact a College Counselor, administrator, or faculty member to help ensure the most accurate accounting of criminal, discipline, and/or emergency incidents on or around campus.  Call 910.938.6290 (or extension 6290 if using a phone on campus), locate an emergency call box (push button) system in any campus building for Security Services, or contact a College Counselor, administrator, or faculty member.

Availability of Campus Emergency Call Boxes

Building Location of Emergency Phones
Fine Arts Building (FA) Outside auditorium
Hugh A. Ragsdale Building (R) Central hallway
Lloyd P. Respass Trades Building (T) Each end of hallway
James Leroy Henderson, Jr. Administration Building (A) Front desk
James S. Melton Vocational Skills Center (S) Central hallway
W.D. “Billy” Mills Math and Science Technology Building (MS) 1st floor – each end of hallway
2nd floor – each end of hallway
C. Louis Shields Learning Resources Center (L) 1st floor – bottom of stairs
2nd floor – top of stairs
Classroom Building A (CA) Central hallway
Classroom Building B (CB) Central hallway
Multipurpose Building (M) Cosmetology – stylist area
Maintenance – hallway outside room 101
A.D. Guy Business Technology Building (BT) 1st floor – elevator
2nd floor – elevator
Health Occupational Science Building (H) 1st floor – central hallway
2nd floor – break room
Kenneth B. Hurst Continuing Education Building (CE) 1st floor – hallway across from room 108
2nd floor – hallway across from room 208
Student Center (SC) Admissions lobby
Across from Coastal Café