The Instructors’ Academy is a 27-hour interactive, hands-on professional development opportunity that focuses on effective instructional practice and institutional planning for the adult learner.  Designed to support and enhance faculty teaching skills and abilities, Academy sessions include mini-lecture, demonstration, small and large group discussions, and cooperative learning tasks.

The three founding principles of the Instructors’ Academy are Teachers Teach Teachers, Less is More, and Diversity Leads to Creativity.   As such, Academy participants from all backgrounds and disciplines are provided the opportunity to network with and learn from their colleagues.  They experience various teaching and learning strategies from a student’s perspective as the Academy facilitator uses a collaborative approach to model various instructional techniques.

Session topics for the nine modules include:

  • The Adult Learner / Learning Styles
  • Instructional Planning and Design
  • Instructional Methods and Communication
  • Presentation Techniques and Classroom Strategies
  • Teaching to Facilitate Learning
  • Teaching in the 21st Century
  • Goal Setting and Academic Planning
  • Instructional Technology
  • Characteristics of Effective Instructors

Through active participation and reflection, Instructors’ Academy participants will build classroom competence and professional confidence which lead to increased student success.
For enrollment opportunities, contact your Division Chair.