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Coastal Carolina Community College offers opportunities for the completion of courses outside the traditional classroom model such as Distance Learning.  Distance Learning courses meet academic standards as established by the North Carolina Community College System and are accepted as part of the graduation requirement for an approved degree, diploma, or certificate.

Curriculum credit for Distance Learning courses is equivalent in credit hours to on-campus sections of the same courses listed in the College Catalog.  Due to the nature of online courses, students must be extremely self-motivated and self-directed.  Basic computer skills, including word processing, are required.

Some Distance Learning courses may require students to secure access to computer resources.  Instructions and procedures for executing Distance Learning courses are provided to students upon their registration.  Regular contact with the course instructor is required.  Many Distance Learning courses require students to have one or more of their exams proctored.  Students may contact the appropriate program area department for additional information.  Contact information can be found in the Faculty and Staff Directory.

General Online Course Requirements

Before enrolling in an online curriculum course, students must…

  • Have a working knowledge of the Internet, email, and basic word processing skills.
  • Have continuous access to a computer with a reliable connection to the Internet.
  • Be highly self-motivated and self-directed.

Coastal’s online courses are equivalent to traditional courses in academic rigor and student requirements.  Students should not view an online course as “easier” than traditional courses.  In fact, successful students often find online classes to be more challenging than traditional classes, due to the additional reading and personal discipline that is required.

Computers are available on campus in various locations.  For more information, visit the Student Resources page.  Distance Learning students who come on campus for various resources or proctored exams are requested to check in with the Security Services Office in the Student Center Building to obtain a parking pass and a student ID.

After enrolling in an online curriculum course, students must…

  • Purchase all the required course materials, including the textbook(s), access codes, etc.  Visit the College Store for more information.
  • Log into the class on the first day of the semester (courses are available by noon).  Continual participation within the course is essential, with most courses requiring weekly interaction.  The attendance policy found in the College Catalog applies to online courses as well; how it will be measured can be found in each course’s syllabus.  Many documents will be posted for a limited time and it is the student’s responsibility to keep up with the course calendar and specific due dates.
  • During the semester, communicate with the instructor and other students in the course, utilizing the College’s email system (Office 365), in which you will be assigned a student address.

Academic Integrity

Coastal Carolina Community College is an educational institution which values academic excellence and supports the standards of academic integrity for all members of the college community.  It is the practice of the College to enforce standards for academic integrity within all programs and courses.  Proscribed conduct that violates standards of academic honesty and integrity may be subject to College disciplinary procedures.

For more information, please refer to Discipline – Policies on Student Rights and Discipline.

Student Email & Blackboard

Coastal Carolina Community College’s online education platform, Blackboard, is designed to transform the Internet into a powerful environment for the educational experience.  This platform is used for both Continuing Education and Curriculum (for credit) online classes.  All Curriculum students are assigned an Office 365 email account.  Online students are required to utilize their College-provided email account to communicate with their online instructors.  To access your account, click MyCCCC at the top of the page.

Usernames & Passwords

Your username for MyCCCC consists of your first name, last name, and last three digits of your student ID number, which is located on the top left hand corner of your registration form.  The default password is “Coastal” and the last three digits of your student ID number.  After your first login, you will be asked to answer a series of challenge questions and change your password.  See Tips on Protecting Your Privacy for more information on our password requirements.

For technical support, contact Coastal’s Help Desk at 910.938.6123 or