Each major-specific pathway is designed to streamline entry into a student’s intended major at a four-year institution.  For this reason, please be aware that pathways are subject to change based upon the university’s current course recommendations for one’s intended major.

You are highly encouraged to work closely with your faculty advisor to personalize your course selections and ensure the most optimal path to graduation. If you do not have a faculty advisor, please visit Student Services and complete the “Faculty Advisor Request Form.”

Major Specific Pathways

Note: Please be aware that italicized courses listed on a major-specific pathway are Coastal faculty subject-matter expert recommendations.  While these courses aren’t specific requirements from a university Baccalaureate Degree Plan or Coastal program of study, Coastal faculty selected these courses for each major-specific pathway because they either (a) have greatest relevance to a student’s intended major, (b) align with skills employers seek in recent college graduates, or (c) satisfy a baccalaureate general education diversity requirement.  Before selecting different courses than those outlined on a major-specific pathway, students are strongly encouraged to work with their faculty advisor to make the best possible course decisions for the achievement of their goals at both Coastal and university.