This page serves as a repository to disseminate and promote educational practices with the goal of positively impacting student learning outcomes.  As you utilize resources on this site, you will notice numerous references to best practices.  The term “best practices” has been used to describe “what works” in a particular situation or environment.  As consumers of information, we must keep in mind that a particular practice that has worked for someone within a given set of variables may or may not yield the same results across educational environments.
We invite you to explore the resources in the hopes that the information will prove useful in your classroom setting.

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30 Things We Know for Sure About Adult Learning
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Are learning Styles Invalid?  (Hint: No!)
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Nine Characteristics of a Great Teacher
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Collaborative Learning – The Global Development Resource Center
Cooperative Learning – Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (
Motivating Students – Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching