Construction Basics | Get started in a high demand job with competitive wages in less than two months! This 6-week course will equip you with the skills you need to begin a career in the Construction field. Certifications include: OSHA 30 Construction and Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) | For further info, contact Sabrina Adalin at 910-938-6112 or

Construction Basics 

Get started in a high demand job with competitive wages in less than two months!  This 6-week course will equip you with the skills you need to begin a career in the Construction field.  You will learn Residential Electrical Wiring, Introduction to Masonry Fundamentals and Plumbing Fundamentals in a hands-on environment.  You will also be trained on Construction Estimation as well as Blueprint Reading in order to give you an advantage on job sites.  This course will take students through the process of planning, estimating, building, wiring, and plumbing a structure.  Certifications include: OSHA 30 Construction, Powered Industrial Truck (PIT).   232 Hours | $236 Tuition | Textbook Required

Facilities Technician Certificate

Facilities maintenance is a career with a wide range of opportunities and career advancement possibilities.  Students completing all five classes (in any order) will be awarded the Facilities Technician Certificate of Achievement.  This series is comprised of the following courses: Construction Safety and Health, Electrical Wiring Fundamentals, Plumbing Fundamentals, EPA Refrigeration Certification, and Basic Welding and Cutting.  Optional, but associated courses include Blueprint Reading and Construction Estimation.

Construction Safety and Health

This course provides certifications for employment in the general mechanical, electrical, plumbing, welding, and preventive maintenance industries. This course includes the 30-hour OSHA Construction Industry Outreach Training program, Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) and American Heart Saver (AHA) training.


Electrical Wiring Fundamentals – This course provides an overview of electrical wiring techniques and is suitable for students with no prior knowledge of electrical theory or installation.  Emphasis will be placed on the design and installation of residential electrical systems.


Plumbing Fundamentals – Learn plumbing fundamentals and skills as applied to the home building trade.  Course topics will include the proper use of tools and equipment, workplace safety, and related topics.


OSHA 30-Hr. Construction – This course is designed for individuals who need an overview of OSHA standards and their application to the construction industry. A certificate of completion is awarded through OSHA to all students who complete the course.  Attendance for all class hours is required.

General Contractor Exam Prep

Is it your turn to be the “boss”?  Do you want to be the one responsible for planning and directing on-site construction?  This course will prepare you for the general contractor’s exam.  Emphasis will be on the different types of exam questions and will include a review of laws and regulations applicable to general contractors, building codes, employment security laws, and workers’ compensation laws.  This course places emphasis on the residential builder, and also explains pertinent information relating to the building trades for both commercial and residential general contractors.  North Carolina Residential and Building Code required.

Blueprint Reading

Are you interested in becoming a general contractor?  Are you having difficulty reading and understanding the plans and drawings provided by designers, builders, and architects?  This course will cover such information as symbols, abbreviations, and conventions.  You will learn to effectively interpret, translate, and produce a basic material take-off for construction projects.

Building/Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Inspection

Individuals seeking to become certified as building, fire, electrical, mechanical and plumbing code enforcement officials to perform inspections for city, county, or state agencies are required to complete code courses as prescribed by the NC Code Officials Qualification Board.  Code qualification certificates are issued by the Board in building, electrical, fire prevention, mechanical, and plumbing.  Each category is further subdivided into Level I, II, and III. Code books are required for all classes.

Construction Estimation

Learn to develop accurate estimates for work in the residential and commercial construction fields or prepare for the NC General Contractors Exam.  Basic calculation, blueprint reading, material lists, and contract specifications will be covered.  Calculator required for class.

EPA Refrigeration Certification

EPA regulations require that anyone who handles refrigerants must obtain certification.  This class provides the training and testing required for certification.  A test processing fee of $40 is payable to the NC Board of Refrigeration.  (This does not certify automotive technicians).