Personal enrichment classes are offered on weeknights and Saturdays.  Please see the Continuing Education Schedule of Classes for additional information.  If you have an idea for a new class, please complete the Suggest a Class form.

Art: Painting, Printing, Sketching, and More

All art classes stimulate creativity and are for different levels.  The instructor introduces traditional and modern techniques and applications using different mediums, depending on the class.  So, whether you want to sketch, paint, print, or create something new, you will impress yourself with a new work of art!  Classes created for each level.

Culinary: Food & Beverage

Get cooking at Coastal with our professional chefs and bakers who are excited to share and teach culinary techniques to create restaurant-style appetizers, entrées, and desserts!  Come sharpen your skills, spice up your recipes, rise to the occasion with homemade baked goods,  raise your glasses to learn how to make mocktails, and broaden your palate with wine tasting. Continuing Education food and beverage classes are offered in a professional kitchen.

Prerequisite: Basic cooking and baking skills are essential.


Do not underestimate the skills needed to be a professional beverage server.  Come learn the art and science behind properly mixing drinks and tips on becoming a proficient bartender.  Instruction will include mixing traditional and exotic drinks, ServSafe Alcohol, Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS), and select training from NC Alcohol Law Enforcement (NC ALE) personnel on the responsibilities of serving alcohol within the state.

Wine Appreciation and/or Pairing

Classes will broaden your knowledge and palate on how to evaluate, select, pair, and fully enjoy wine, and perhaps even stimulate you in to becoming a wine specialist.

Sewing Skills/Window Treatments/Upholstery

Stitch up a new garment to complement your wardrobe with one of the sewing classes, beautify your home with new window treatments, or re-upholster furniture with a fresh new look.  Classes are tailored for each level.