Please refer to the current Continuing Education Schedule of Classes for upcoming dates and times.
Get Cooking at Coastal with our professional chefs and bakers who are excited to share and teach culinary techniques to create restaurant-style appetizers, entrees, and desserts! Through hands-on instruction, students will learn effective tips and tricks to increase their culinary abilities to spice up recipes and produce delicious new menu ideas.

Prerequisites: Basic cooking and baking skills are most beneficial. All cooking, baking, and wine classes are held in the Culinary Building located at 253 Western Blvd Jacksonville, NC 28546.
All participants need to wear the following items for cooking and baking class:

  • Bib apron
  • long pants
  • enclosed shoe made of leather or non-permeable material
  • chef-style skull cap or a head covering*

*Culinary style skull caps available through Amazon or at Greg’s Uniform shop 415 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28546
Seats are limited so be sure to register ten days before the class starts to save your seat!

Appetizers and Wine

Students will create impressive delicious appetizers to pair with hand selected wines. This class will focus on fingertip fare and satisfying sips that complement each other. **

Cake Decorating Advanced

Culinarians will expand their decorating knowledge and enhance decorating skills. You’ll sharpen your edges and clean up your corners. Learn airbrush techniques, use chocolate, and pastillage to decorate an impressive cake creation!

Cool Foods for Hot Days

Students will learn that cold foods go beyond salads. Students will use various food prep techniques and combine seasonal ingredients to create cool colorful appetite satisfying plates.

Chocolate Creations

In this class, students will create Truffles, Fudge,Torrone, Barks, Chocolate Pops, and other unusual chocolate candies. It is designed to provide students with a foundation in making different types of chocolate candies. The instructor will demonstrate and teach students the proper techniques to work with chocolates to include chocolate tempering, dipping, decorating and molding.

Chocolate Easter Treats

Just in time for Easter! Learn how to create delectable homemade Easter finger notions and chocolates to show off a hand crafted Easter basket. Students will create Easter Chocolate candies, truffles, colorful macaroons, and other colorful treats.

Desserts for Summer

Culinarians will learn how to create desserts that are cool summertime treats like desserts made with in-season fruits, gelatos, shortcakes, no-bake refrigerated desserts~ treats to keep you and the kitchen cool during hot, hazy summer days!

East MEATS West

The basis of this class is the fusion of meat dishes from the Eastern and Western cultures to create blended cuisine. Students will learn and implement proper meat cookery applications, and multiple seasoning techniques to construct delectable complex entrees.


Eggs are a perfect source of protein and so versatile. In this class, the instructor will demonstrate how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs, classics recipes using hardboiled eggs like Scotch, and Hindoo eggs. Students will also create perfect omelets, frittatas, and stratas.

Fresh Pasta Creations

Chef Marcinda will teach classic and complex doughs to create pastas from around the world and pairing sauces. Students will get hands-on practice in making noodles from scratch sure to inspire any pasta creation.

Italian Bakery Basics

Culinarians need to hone their baking skills, and why not start with Italian favorites such as focaccia, filone, ciabatta, appetizers, and cookies. Join Baker Katya as she demonstrates basic Italian bakery recipes.

Italian Bread Basket

Culinarians will rise to the occasion as Baker Katya demonstrates how to produce Italian breads from different regions of Italy; such as Focaccia, Ciabatta, Cornetto, La Ciambella, giant pagnotta, and much more.

May Flours

Baker Katya will demonstrate how to use different types of flour. Students will use all-purpose, bread, pastry, whole wheat, gluten-free flours: coconut and almond to create delicious breads and other recipes.

Spring Inspired Meals

Learn different ways to use all the fresh produce springing up. Bakery Katya will demonstrate how to use nature’s bounty to create flavorful meals with the freshest ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees.

Summertime A. B. C. s Appetizers, Beverages & Cocktails

In this class students will learn how to prepare easy and impressive appetizers, beverages, and cocktails (mocktails) to create pleasing combinations fit for any summer soirée. **

Summer Pies & Tarts

Baker Katya will demonstrate how to create the flakiest pie crust to show off the summer bounty of seasonal fruits and berries to produce traditional pies and a new twist on family favorites!

Sushi and Sashimi Basics

This class is for the culinarian who wishes to expand his/her culinary horizon with sushi and fresh fish dishes. Students will create impressive sushi, sashimi, and Japanese appetizers.

Wine & More

Culinarians will prepare a new dish each class that complements the preselected wine then taste and discuss how these items enhance the flavor of the entrée and wine! **