Veterinary Office Assistant Certificate

Becoming a Veterinary Office Assistant is a rewarding career in a growing field.  As a Veterinary Office Assistant, you can work with animals, be part of a professional veterinary staff, nature center, wildlife center, or animal sanctuary.  This program is comprised of these courses: Small Animal Care and Management, Veterinary Assisting, and Reptile Care and Management.  Students completing all three classes (in any order) will be awarded the Veterinary Office Assistant Certificate of Achievement.  Each course integrates knowledge and skills related to customer service and administrative fundamentals within the learning environment.

Additional recommended courses are: Avian Care, Animal Agriculture, and Exotic Animal Medicine.

Veterinary Assistant

Learn how to interact with animals and their owners, obtain animal health histories and records, understand veterinary medical terminology, recognize the major breeds of various animals, assist the veterinarian with caring for animals, assist with surgical and treatment procedures, recognize signs and symptoms of illness and disease, and perform administrative duties in the veterinarian office.

Reptile Care and Management

This class is designed to provide knowledge for keeping, breeding, and rehabilitating indigenous and exotic reptiles, crocodilians, and amphibians.  The focus will be on species-specific natural history and behavior; nutritional needs and food preparation; health and safety practices; handling and restraints for healthy and injured reptiles; caging and husbandry; physical exam and diagnosing; rescue, capture, and transport; and basic injury care of reptiles.

Small Animal Care and Management

Prepare for an entry-level position as a professional animal care technician.  Course topics will include basic small animal anatomy, animal safety, handling/controlling small animals, parasite recognition, animal first aid, and skin disorders.

Avian Care

Expand your knowledge with Avian Care.  This class is designed to prepare the avian enthusiast and those looking into specialty-based careers.  Birds are unique to our animal world and therefore require an extended level of understanding.  This course will cover anatomy, physiology, nutritional needs, zoonosis, common ailments, husbandry, and proper restraint.  Please join us for this 8-week introductory/intermediate course to better understand the avian species.

Exotic Animal Medicine

This course is designed to teach and familiarize students with the fundamentals of working with exotic animals.  Topics will include anatomy and physiology, parasite recognition, diseases and treatments, safety, vaccinations, restraints, and euthanasia.

Animal Agriculture

This course is designed to teach students the introductory level skills and abilities regarding livestock, poultry, and agriculture skills in the animal science field.  This 8-week course will acquaint the student with basic knowledge in agriculture regarding animal selection, genetics, nutrition, illnesses, and welfare.

Upcoming Classes

For details about upcoming classes, please see the Continuing Education Schedule of Classes.  If you have any questions or would like more information about the Veterinary Office Assistant program, contact Continuing Education at 910.938.6294 or