Direct Pay

  • Payment is due at the time of registration.
  • Credit Card and billing requests accepted.
  • If you are paying for a group of students, each student = 1 transaction on your credit card statement (your credit card will be processed once per student).

*If a refund is processed, monies will be released to the student (regardless of who pays on their behalf) when payment is made by check, cash, or money order. Refunds, where a credit card has been used as form of payment, will be credited back to the card. Refund/drop requests may only be accepted from the student in writing, unless prior written authorization from the student has been provided. In addition, class transfer requests may only be accepted from the student enrolled.


  1. You may request to have your organization billed for registration fees, textbooks, and supply costs via our Request for Billing Form. A Company Letterhead, Request for Billing Form, or SF-182 (military) is required.
  2. The Point of Contact listed will be sent an invoice after the start date of the course by our Accounting Department.
  3. To pay the invoice, you may choose to use a credit card, which then may be processed for multiple students in one easy transaction.
    Cash, Checks, and Money Orders are also accepted.