Pharmacy Technician

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General Information

This course is designed to prepare individuals to take one of the national certification examinations for pharmacy technicians, as well as to train individuals to work under the supervision of a pharmacist in retail or institutional settings.

Students are provided with an understanding of the responsibilities and duties of pharmacy technicians and the basic knowledge and skills to provide competent assistance to the pharmacist. Topics covered include drug classification, drug distribution, laws and regulations basic to pharmacy practice, and math calculations necessary for daily pharmacy operations in various types of pharmacy settings.

Online students are strongly encouraged to take the free reading and math TABE placement assessments available at Coastal’s Academic Studies Center.  These TABE evaluations allow students to determine, before they pay for class and books and invest their valuable time, if their reading and math skills are strong enough for them to be successful with the level of reading and math skills needed in this online pharmacy technician class.  Students may continue to enroll in free reading and math classes until their skills reach the recommended 10 reading level and 8 math level.

  • Seated: All class material delivered on campus. Daytime and evening classes are available.
  • Online: No trips to campus required. All class material delivered online. Requirements for online classes include a reliable connection to the Internet to access Blackboard, the PowerPoint Viewer (free download), Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files (free download available), and basic word processing (such as Microsoft Word or Notepad)


Coastal Carolina uses a team of pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians to instruct this class.


The textbook is available at Coastal’s bookstore. Visit them online, or call (910) 938-6295 for information

Prerequisite: TABE Placement Testing

To enroll in the seated classes, students must take the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) test and score:

  • 10.0 in TABE Reading
  • 8.0 in TABE Math (Allow approximately one hour to take these two pretests.)

Available in the Academic Studies Center, Kenneth B. Hurst Continuing Education Building, room 200. Hours are Monday – Wednesday, 7:30 am – 7:00 pm. A picture ID is required to test. No appointment is needed. Testing is free of charge.

Registration & Payment

To enroll, visit the Continuing Education office or call (910) 938-6294. Payment is due at time of registration and may be made by cash, check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. Thank you for including your driver’s license number and student ID number on checks.

Basic Skills Training

Should a student not achieve a qualifying reading and/or math TABE score, they are encouraged to enroll in free reading and math classes through Coastal’s Academic Studies Center (ASC) in the K.B. Hurst Continuing Education Building, Room 200, open Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 9 pm and Friday 7:30 am to 5 p.m. Reading and Math preparation is offered in a traditional classroom setting during both daytime and evening hours and also, depending on TABE scores, computer-based free reading and math tutoring in our Academic Studies Center (ASC) in the K.B. Hurst Continuing Education Building, Room 200, Monday through Thursday 7:30 am to 9 pm and Friday 7:30 am to 5 p.m.

Human Resources Development (HRD)

Unemployed or underemployed residents may qualify for Human Resources Development (HRD) classes at no cost such as Using Technology in the Workplace, Exploring Health Care Careers, Hunting and Landing a Job, or Taking Control of Your Money. Complete 80 hours of HRD classes successfully and earn a registration scholarship worth up to $180 for a Continuing Education occupational class. To register for free classes, For a complete list of HRD classes offered, or for more information, please call (910) 938-6309.

Job Placement Services

Upon completion of this training program, visit the Career Center in room 113 of the C. Louis Shields Learning Resources Center for help with resume writing, interviewing skills, and employment opportunities. Call (910) 938-6761 for information.

For additional information, please contact Jacqueline Reck at (910) 938-6329 or, or Kelley Nielsen at (910) 938-6755 or

National Certification Information

Additional information about National Certification Exams is provided in class.

Pharmacy Technician Student Evaluation Course Comments

A Note from A 2016 Pharmacy Technician Student

“I was in your Pharmacy Technician program from October 2015-February 2016. I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing teaching skills for getting me into my career and my dream job.

I am currently living down in Arizona and I work in a pharmacy in a hospital. I passed the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam back in March of 2016.

I could not be any happier working in a hospital in the pharmacy setting. My goal is to go back to school and continue my career in a hospital.

Thank you for pushing us all through that class and giving us the strength and knowledge to pass the class and certification exam.”

For Classes Held on Campus

  • “As a military retiree and a college graduate, I have had extensive experience with many, many instructors.  The instructors for this program are two of the finest instructors that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  They truly care about the students’ learning and go to great lengths to make the complicated material easy to understand.”
  • “Love this class.  The instructors are amazing.”
  • “The instructors are very nice and helpful in every way.  I learned a lot and really enjoyed the class.”
  • “I enjoyed taking the Pharmacy Tech program very much.  I am excited to take my National Exam and become a Certified Pharmacy Technician.  I would not be prepared to take the National Exam without this class.”
  • “This class was useful for getting me prepared for the National Exam and future job opportunities necessary to succeed.”
  • “The instructors did an outstanding job with the material.  They made it fun to learn and easily understandable.  Not only was their support in class excellent, but excellent as well out of class.  Job well done.  Recommend this class to anyone!”

For Online Classes

  • “I would definitely recommend this class to friends interested in taking this course especially if they have children to work around.”
  • “I enjoyed the class a great deal because it challenged me in ways I have not been challenged in since high school.”
  • “I thought the course was great and the instructors paid extra attention to the class”
  • “Loved this class! Looking forward to using knowledge learned to apply in future job placement!”
  • “The information taught in this online course was very helpful and has better prepared me to go forward with becoming a certified pharmacy technician. Thank you.”
  • “Truly loved this course. The instructor was so caring and helpful and wanted to make sure we all understood the material. If we needed help she was quick to respond to our emails.”
  • “I really enjoyed this class! The instructors were approachable and friendly! I learned so much having taken this course.”
  • “This course has been extremely helpful in preparing me for a future job and enhanced my skills that I use at my current job.”
  • “Excellent instructors, great course.”

Pharmacy Technician Testimonial

“I hope this email finds you well.  Not sure if you remember me, I was in one of your classes back in 2011 (long time ago!).  I now work for a company in South Carolina in the DEA Compliance Department for Southern Anesthesia & Surgical, INC, a wholesale drug distributor.  It is good to see you are still instructing.  I still receive your job postings.

My husband retired after 21 years in the Marine Corp from a last duty station in South Carolina.  We remained in Columbia SC for the past five years.  During that time, I’ve had great luck working with my pharmacy background.  I started out at CVS and while there became certified in the state of South Carolina.  I was an inventory specialist for a year and a half then began working at the Palmetto Health Hospital System.  I worked in the Pharmacy starting as a floor tech, then laterally moved into the support side of pharmacy operations gaining experience in the Narcotic Room with detailed inventory compliance requirements.  This led me to my current position where I enter narcotic orders, verify, and validate licenses or disciplinary actions to ensure the client and our company are compliant with state and federal regulations.  I never realized how diverse the pharmacy world is.

You and Miss Tillie were great instructors and provided me with confidence to enter the workforce.”